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General queries for your Basic knowledge

Does the facial cleansing gel contain SLES?

No, the formula of our facial cleansing gel does not contain SLES. Thus, it provides gentle cleansing without drying the skin.

My skin is oily and there are acnes on it. Is the cleaning gel suitable for me as well?

Yes, it is. Its cleansing agents effectively remove the accumulated dirt and excess oil on the skin of all types. Also, thanks to the salicylic acid, it helps to protect the skin against blackheads and acne formation. In the event you have a very oily skin; you can get better results if you wait 30-60 seconds after applying the gel and then rinse.

I have a dry skin. Would the cleansing gel cause my skin to dry even more?

The cleansing gel has been formulated in the manner that it does not disturb the natural moisture balance of the skin. However, dry skins can be much more sensitive at such times as seasonal changes. At such times, we recommend that you complement your skin care with moisturizer application after cleaning.

Why should I use a clay mask?

Clay is a skin care agent that is entirely derived from the nature and has existed for millions of years. The clay mask deeply cleanses and purifies your skin, shrinks pores, absorbs excess oil, regulates oil generation and fights acne blemishes. Also, it is compatible with skins of sensitive type. All skin types require deep cleaning and cleansing on a regular basis.

How should I use the clay mask?

pply the clay mask in a thin layer and leave it on for 10 minutes if your skin is of dry type, for 15 minutes if your skin is of normal type, and for 20 minutes if your skin is of oily type. Rinse the mask off before it dries completely. Then, moisturize your skin.

How frequently should I use the clay mask?

You can use is for once or twice a week.

What is bentonite?

Bentonite, being a component of our clay mask, is a natural clay, which is composed of volcanic ash that is rich in minerals. Its popularity has been increasing recently thanks to its effects such as removing dead cells and toxins, purifying pores, giving skin softness and radiance.

Can the clay mask be applied only to the face?

In order to avail yourself of its benefits, you can apply the clay mask to your entire body. You can use the clay mask as a detox mask for armpits, which are exposed to chemicals such as deodorant as well as sweat and bacteria, and also as a cleanser in the back and shoulder areas where acne can often be seen.

When would I experience and notice the effects of the mask?

From the first use, you will notice the purification, freshness and enlightenment on your skin!

Do I need sun protection in the winter?

Yes! The UVA and UVB rays in the sunlight harm our skin. While UVB, which is stronger in the summer, causes such harms as sunburn, its effect is reduced in the winter. However; UVA rays, which lead to such consequences as skin aging and formation of dark spots, are active both in the summer and in the winter. Therefore, we should protect our skin against UVA, which can even pass through the clouds, and also UVB even if its effect is reduced.

I do not have any acnes on my skin; should i use salicylic acid care cream nevertheless?

Our Smoothing and Protective Care Cream offers a versatile and holistic effect by moisturizing the skin, protecting it against the harmful effects of the sun, renewing it with salicylic acid and smoothing it with niacinamide. Yes, salicylic acid is always mentioned as if it is associated only with acnes. But apart from preventing acne, it helps accelerate cell regeneration that slows down as we age, which makes the skin softer, more vibrant and radiant. Moreover, by removing dead cells, it allows for the other agents to be absorbed better. These benefits should be made available to skins of all types.

How does the Smoothing and Protective Care Cream protect my skin? What is really meant by protection?

Our skin is exposed to external factors such as sun, weather conditions, dirt and stress throughout the day, all of which lead to such consequences as dullness, moisture loss, premature aging. Our care cream: 1) Moisturizes the skin with hyaluronic acid and prevents moisture loss from the skin surface with shea butter. Thus, it protects the skin against drying, flaking and increased sensitivity. 2) Provides protection against the harmful sun rays with the sun filters it contains. 3) Protects the skin against external factors with the antioxidant ginger oil, niacinamide and vitamin E it contains. 4) Protects the skin against signs of aging such as wrinkles by supporting collagen formation thanks to state-of-the-art peptides in its content.

For which skin types is the care cream suitable?

It has been formulated to suit all skin types.

Should I use an additional moisturizer beside the care cream?

No, the Smoothing and Protective Care Cream has very good moisturizing properties and is sufficient for moisturizing purposes.