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Thanks to its good oil solubility, it can reach deeper into the skin.

It removes dead cells.

It helps the pores to be cleaned.

It helps prevent acne formation

It ensures a more vivid and bright appearance.


Ginger is grown in India, China, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

Some 20 ml of oil is derived from 1 kg of ginger.

Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, ginger protects the skin against free radicals and signs of aging.

It increases the elasticity of and rejunevates the skin.

With its restorative effect, it helps to regulate the skin tone and soothe the skin.

It provides detox effect and purifies the skin.


Witch hazel extract is derived from the Hamamelis Virginiana, a plant that grows in North America and Asia.

It contains antioxidants and protects the skin.

It ensures oil balance, and shrinks pores.

Also having antiseptic properties, it soothes the skin.

It dries out acne scars.

It helps to tighten the skin.


Bentonite is a natural clay that is derived from volcanic ash.

It is also used as a nutritional supplement due to its mineral and vitamin content and its ability to remove toxins.

It ensures cleansing by retaining oil and dirt on the skin. It purifies the clogged pores.

It accelerates circulation and improves the overall appearance of the skin.

It removes dead cells and provides the skin with radiance.

It helps prevent acne formation.

It ensures a more vivid, gentle and bright appearance.


It is effective for all skin types, and almost all skin conditions.

It tightens the pores.

It improves skin tone.

It helps to reduce wrinkles.

It smooths and strengthens the skin.

It provides moisture.


Pomegranate extract contains antioxidants, minerals, fatty acids and vitamins.

It protects and plumps up the skin, increases collagen generation, and fights the signs of aging.


They protects the skin against sun damage.

They are effective for both UVA and UVB.

They help prevent skin blemishes.

They prevent premature skin aging.

They help prevent fine lines and wrinkles due to photo aging.


It is a natural moisturizing factor that is also generated in the body.

Its generation decreases as the person gets older.

It has the capacity to hold water in such volume that is 1000 times its own volume.

It effectively moisturizes the skin and provides it with radiance.

It fills wrinkles and provides a plump appearance.

It provides the skin with a more healthy, rejuvenated and bright appearance.

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