Together with you, we understand, live and create YOU & US

“A new woman is emerging. A woman whose voice is heard far louder than before. She has self confidence and knows what she wants. Nothing can stop her, she is sure of that”.

Our founder Gulsen Sekerci, dreamt of a skin care line because she thought something was missing. Something missing in our hearts that we can not fill from outside. Through her journey in life she tried to solve issues that caused her skin problems and now she wants to share with her fellow women what worked for her. She explains..

"We need trust and faith. Faith for everything is going to work out well. Although fear is an emotion that is helpful during our growth, excess amount of it can be damaging. We have so much anxiety in our lives now than before. It reflects to our skin.

To minimize this fear being more educated is a must. Self confidence also comes as you learn. Also knowing your own worth, being sure that your own instinct voice directs you to the right answer. I know because I experienced it myself."

‘’Together with you, we understand, live and create YOU & US ’’

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